About Us

Ezcookbook, the idea behind the concept is to create and develop recipes that are easily achievable, delicious and guaranteed to work – make cooking simple.

The Venture of Ezcookbook

Ezcookbook is started by WeRSahm on Feb 2012, yes that’s how we describe our-self. WeRSahm – “We are stay at home mums” based at Singapore. We are not experts like chefs but one among you; with love, patience, innovations made us more creative which took us to this new world ezcookbook. We have tried to explore the culinary art from books, articles, media, friends and family. All the recipes presented here are tried in our kitchen for twice or thrice before publishing, so you can rely on us.
Know About The Authors…
                                                       Ishita & Gayathri

We are two friends, neighbors and moms who came to know each other in 2010. We are from different states of India and currently resides in SG. Everyday we use to chat with each other, came to know we are alike in thinking, character, attitude and same education background. Though Gayathri doesn’t speak Gujarati and Ishita doesn’t understand Telugu, still we got a common language to speak that is Food.
Yes food made us more close to each other and platformed for a new venture Ezcookbook. We initially started to document our recipes to share with each other, later thought of why don’t we share with others to benefit in everyday cooking and here we are! We both are Indian vegetarian so here you will find only Vegetarian Recipes. Sorry Non-Vegetarians!!! Off course Eggs are used sparingly in some recipes.

Guest Authors…
As we started, our friends  Subhashini Anand & Jyothi Kathir  who are also a good cook, showed interest to write recipes for Ezcookbook. Thank you Subha and Jyothi for your efforts and sending recipes to us. You can find their recipes in “Guest Corner”.

Our Experience as Food Writers….
Cooking, for us, is one of life’s greatest pleasure. It is not only necessary to fuel our body but for us it exercises our creativity, imaginations, patience and fascinates to experiment it. The science behind cooking can be understandable only through experience. How to knead a perfect dough, or to grasp why certain flavors works well when combined, or to get perfect aroma of cooking food is to be gained once become a good cook.

Like many other women we are cooking in our kitchen then what is so special in it?? To become a food writers you also need to put extra efforts learn and experience and to get in touch with today’s new technology along with new recipes. Blogging, Web site creation, online marketing to make yourself visible and of course food photography to present yourself well. We are still learning  and will continue experimenting more recipes, food photography and technical aspects to make it easily available online……

Women bind the house by ruling the kitchen…”Cooking is no more a mundane activity with Ezcookbook. We will present recipes which break conventional cooking. Place your trust on us and relish the new world of taste. The secret of good recipe is to cook from the  heart with loads of love to be palatable”. Explore Ezcookbook at your fingertips and experience it in your kitchen.

Today Ezcookbook is with 400+ recipes which covers all categories from starter till dessert. We are gratified to know how capable we are today to cook many varieties as well as various cuisine. Yes, Its all possible just because of constant support and encouragement from  family, friends and mainly because of viewers.