1. Cracked Wheat — 1Cup
2. Jaggery (Grated) — 1Cup
3. Ghee — 2tbsp
4. Dry Fruits(Cashews and Raisins) — 1/2Cup
5. Cardamon Powder — 1/2tbsp
6. Milk — 2Cups
Method To Prepare:
1. First cook the Cracked Wheat by adding 1Cup of Water in a pan.
2. Then add Jaggery to it and Milk to it, so that it melts completely and mix well with the Cracked Wheat.
3. Then heat Ghee in a small pan and Roast the Dry Fruits.
4. Finally add the Cardamom Powder and 2tbsp of Ghee. Mix it well.
  Finally Garnish with Roasted Dry Fruits and Serve.

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