Green Peas Sundal ~ Navratri Special Recipe

Wishing all viewers and friends to enjoy this Navratri Festival with full of joy and delightful.

Fresh Green Peas Sundal For Navratri Delight

Festivals are incomplete without delicious cuisines  in India. As part of this navratri / Dussehra the first day I prepared this delicious green peas sundal as offering to god. This can be made with fresh green peas / dried / frozen peas depends on the availability. The green peas are cooked till soft.
It is seasoned with green chilli for spiciness, garnished with coconut to enhance flavor and with dash of freshly grated raw mango to add tangerine taste. All these ingredients make this dish a delectable preparation that goes well with any main course. This can be served as evening snacks for kids.

YIELD –2 servings


Fresh Green Peas-1 cup
Grated Fresh Coconut-2 tbsp
Grated Fresh Raw Mango-2tbsp
Green Chilli-3 slit lengthwise(adjust depends on the spice level)
Ginger-1tsp finely chopped
Salt To Taste
Lemon Juice-2tsp(optional)
For Seasoning:
Mustard Seeds- 1tsp
Cumin seeds-1/2tsp
Split UradDhal-1tsp
Curry leaves few spring


  1. Bring a cup of water to boil add green peas. Cook till soft and firm for 8-10 minutes.
  2. Drain peas if contains any excess water and keep aside.
  3. Now heat a fry pan with oil. Add mustard and when it start to splutter add cumin, urad dhal, asefatodia, curry leaves. Saute for a while add green chillies, ginger.
  4. Now add boiled green peas and required salt to taste.
  5. Keep sauting until water evaporates if any is left.
  6. Finally add in the grated coconut, grated mango and mix well. Remove from the flame.
  7. At this point pour in the lemon juice to get some tangy taste if you prefer before serving.


IF you wish can include some grated carrots too.

IF you are unavailable of fresh peas use frozen peas(thaw it before use) or dried green peas(soak overnight and pressure cook).

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