Ukdiche Modak – Sweet coconut and jaggery Dumplings

Ukdiche Modak is a treat which is loved even by Ganpati bappa…this is a Traditional dish made from rice flour- Ganpati celebrations at my home are elaborate.. My Mom does not have the bappa at my home but my aunt has it at her home…where we all get together for the big day..we get up as early as we can….few of us rush to the market to get fresh flowers and modak pedha’s to distribute as prasad….then come the decorations for the Aras…mandir for the bappa…Moms get busy with the elaborate lunch and Naivedya.. and best of All,” Star of the day”–

Traditionally we offer either 11  or 21 modaks to Ganpati Bappa..

I try to live upto my memories and wish that My kids also have such memories associated with festivals and special occasions…After all home is where your heart is.. and in your heart lies so many memories that you can create a home even in a dessert….

Coming back to the rec.,;
Ukad– Wash (Ambe Mohar) rice..dry and then grind into powder and sieve the powder…the Ukad flour is ready.. (Lazy people like me use rice flour )
In a pot boil 3 cups water.. when it comes to  a rapid boil, reduce the heat to low-medium,  add salt, One tsp ghee and 3 cups of Ukad flour..Stir well to remove any lumps.. and cover with a lid. remove from heat and let sit for 15-20 mins….once cooled..knead the Ukad into a soft dough using warm water and oil as needed.
2 cups Grated cocnut, (Use frozen)
1 .5 cups Jaggery-Mashed
1Tsp Elaichi
1 Tbspn Nuts and raising-Optional.
 take 2 cups Fresh/Frozen coconut and one and half cupcup Jaggery, sugar.. and cook over medium heat till the coconut gets cooked and the jaggery gets mixed well.add elaichi powder and nuts and raisins.. and let cool
Get the steaming vessel ready. I use the regular Idli cooker with a Chinese steaming plate…or you can use any vegetable steamer….
Make small balls out of the cooked Ukad… grease your palms with oil and water and roll a small flat round of abt 2-3inches.. hold this flat round ball nestled in your palm.. add the filing.. and close the ball into  a dome shaped dumpling pinching the ends together..use oil as needed….the modak is ready for steaming…
Steam for abt 10-12 min and serve hot with good amount of Ghee….
For all my Marathi Speaking readers, here is the video to make ukdiche modak
Ganpati Bappa Morya.. Pudchya varshi Lavkar Yaa!!!!!
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Love Ash.

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